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About Tullamore Arts Festival

Community and Voluntary group

The Tullamore Arts Festival was an event that took place during the weekend closest to the 10th May annually in Tullamore, County Offaly, in the midlands of Ireland.

The festival was run on a voluntary basis and planning, fundraising and programming takes place throughout the year.

Tullamore Phoenix Festival Ltd. is a company limited by guarantee and is responsible for the management and carrying out of official Tullamore Arts Festival duties required by law, including accounts, audits and annual returns.

The festival is run on a voluntary basis by a group of like minded individuals, wishing to help Tullamore fulfil it's true potential to coordinate a weekend of events in the Offaly capital.

The group believes that a town the size of Tullamore should host an annual community festival.

The Tullamore Arts Festival initiates beneficial community activities through a network of active participants, volunteers, artists, muscians, free thinkers, businesses and contributors, both local and from around the world.

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