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tArt Gallery

Over 20 local artists took part in tArt 2012
This pop up gallery brought fresh and colourful creations to the Bridge Centre using vacant commercial premises and the public areas of this busy but spacious shopping centre in the midlands of Ireland.

The exhibition showcased Offaly’s various art and creative forms and engaged directly with the public as they went about their daily lives.

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tArt 2012:

Aileen Kavanagh
Aileen is in her final year studying for a Fine Art Degree in GMIT. She has previously exhibited in Offaly County Council, Birr Theatre and Arts Centre and most recently exhibited in the “Dirty Old Town” Pop-Up Art Gallery in Portarlington currently showing on TV.
Her art responds to memory and time and using images, colour and texture to create depth, atmosphere and meaning. The paintings Aileen will exhibit at tART Recessitval Gallery demonstrate how the significance of childhood objects/memories can diminish over time.

Aimee Gillen
Aimee’s work is greatly inspired by the storytellers who have gone before us. They become the catalyst for creation in her mind. Aimee tries to create worlds in which fairy tales, dreams and inspirations combine. As long as one can create the narrative continues...

Her work has a strong sense of narrative and symbolism. She creates vibrant colourful back grounds that are whimsical in nature and then draws freehand onto this surface using lead pens (these are usually used in stained glass work) this way she can have as much detail as needed. It also creates a contrast between the fluid background and a very detailed drawing on top. The colour in Aimee’s work is all jewel tones and on viewing it has a reflective surface much like colored glass, the colour is not diluted so it retains its wow factor.

Aine Morris
Aine has a degree in visual communications, a degree in multi-media from A.I.T. She also graduated from NCAD with an h-dip in Community Arts Educations. Her exhibition includes photographs, paintings and calk pieces.
Anna Winiarska

Anna is a Polish artist living in Ireland for the last seven years. She was educated at the National School of Art in Poland and finished with diploma of ceramic art. She has participated successfully in a number of group exhibitions in the both Poland and Ireland. She completed many commercial as well as private commissions of portraits murals and landscapes. In her work she constantly refines and changes technique and approach. Each painting is a challenge, and although it starts as an idea sketched out on a drawing pad, will inevitably mutate as it proceeds until intuition tells her that it’s done. Anna is also an art
teacher, providing classes for few community groups

Mairead Dunne
Mairead is a Killeigh artist based in Belfast. She graduated with an honours Degree from the National College of Art and Design, Dublin and a Masters of Fine Art from the University of Ulster Belfast. She has had several solo exhibitions including the Offaly Art’s Council Solo Exhibition Award 2010. She has exhibited in the UK and internationally and has undertaken residency programs in both Cyprus and at Camac Centre d’art, France. Her work was represented at this year’s International Contemporary Art Fair in Paris.

Mary Murphy
Mary is from Birr, Co. Offaly and she started painting over 5 years ago and immediately fell in love with it. She initially painted with acrylics but oils would now be her preferred medium. Mary's love of colour and texture is evident in all of her work, from the blends of colour to the bold use of strong, vibrant colours. Mary's inspiration for her work comes from her love of nature and all aspects of the land and sea as well as being inspired by places she has visited.

Regina Brereton
Regina is a Dublin based artist and grew up in Rhode, Co. Offaly. She studied Industrial Design in Carlow Institute of Technology and for many years worked as a stained glass artist, during which she developed a great love of vibrant colours. Having grown up in the country, Regina has a great love of nature and it is her main source of inspiration. Regina says that her paintings have no message or meaning, simply, they are scenes that she enjoys, and in painting them, hope that the viewer enjoys the memories or feelings that they may evoke

Tim Quinlan
Tim Quinlan is an artist and designer based in Tullamore. Since graduating from the National College of Art And Design he has worked as a self employed designer and artist. Tim has also lectured at NCAD and regularly participates in the annual Hullabaloo Arts Festival in Birr and Clara. Tim works in a variety of media including pencil and charcoal, pastels, watercolours, acrylic and digital art. Tim is particularly interested in the human form and expressing movement in his work. This is most evident in his sport art and dancer studies. Tim also works as a portrait artist and cartoonist.

Maura Fahy
Maura draws on her love of her own countryside, where the landscapes and nature as a whole are extraordinary, and on Irish culture in which a thread of mysticism is always present. Her paintings tell of her own emotions, memories and dreams, creating the special, enchanted atmosphere, which surrounds her works and distinguishes them.

Ann McGuinness
Ann McGuinness is an artist working in Athlone. She has been painting since 2003 and is currently completing Year 5 of the six year part time BA in Art and Design in GMIT (Galway). Ann draws inspiration from the natural world and in particular the world of the Shannon river and lakes. Lake boats and their places are of particular interest. Ann’s painting explores the melancholy nature of the world of river and lake and of the inextricable ties that bind us to waterways. Ann is currently an artist in residence in Athlone Arts Studios.

Robert Revill
Robert is a keen photographer for over 30 years. In the 80′s he was using a Canon automatic 35mm film camera to photograph “punk gigs” in dingy pubs and clubs all over London, England. During the 90′s he moved onto a Centon SLR 35mm film camera, developing and printing his own high contrast black and white images. He converted to digital in 2000 with a HP Photosmart automatic 4MP camera.

Gillian Batty
Gillian’s work is art created in ink which looks like lace work or cache on the paper but it is thousands of small circles drawn in coloured ink. She also makes cards and jewellery and writes poetry.

Lynn Hoare
"Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Dolls" Kilroys shop window for Tullamore Arts Festival.
Current practice involves the creation of displays / installations in empty shop windows.
Expense is kept to a minimum by reusing items that have already fulfilled their original function.
Themes generally reveal an undercurrent of environmental concern flowing around the foibles of human nature.
The Doll window offers something for children and adults to look at and perhaps a more sinister aspect may be detected by those who seek a meaning.
When I was a child dolls held no interest (apart from those in museums) but they are a useful prop to illustrate aspects of society.
Likewise dolls and toys weren't owned in abundance and seldom thrown away.

Other exhibiting artists:

Michael Egan

Rosemary Langtry

Linda Kelly

Jacqueline McAndrew

Geashill Art Group

Rehab Care Art Group

Vincent Devine

Joseph Egan

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